Online Freelance Writing Pay Rates

Work is bliss. When it is paid work, it is an icing on the cake. If you are looking for a part-time job, nothing is better than a freelance writing jobs. You may not have job security, but you see the numbers increasing in your bank account. You may retire tomorrow, but you can always use your skill and write content for others.

Where? How? You can log on to and join as a freelancer! Making money on this platform is easy! Also, you are getting the opportunity to sharpen your skills. This is the ideal opportunity to bring out the budding writer in you!

Do note that you do not have to compose poems and songs. This is serious work! There are endless projects to work on, but you have to meet the deadlines. You might be wondering as to what the rates are! A novice is hesitant to work for an online platform because they worry about getting their payments. Will they pay me? When will they pay me? How much will they pay me? Yes, you wish to know about the rates, process of applying and the requirements.

Let us start with the pricing of the pages!

You would be happy to know that there are websites which pay you a decent amount of writing articles. However, you need to choose a reliable site for working. There are some sites which make you do endless tasks but when it is time to pay, they are not available, or they block you. This is not the case with

When you join the site and start bidding on projects, you can see your earnings in your account. You can put a request for withdrawal. You need to have at least $10 to put a request.

How much do you get paid? You would get $18 per page. It is a decent amount! If you are doing 100 pages in a month, you will earn $1800. It is a great site to earn and learn! When you log in, you would be able to see the current balance. You can check the balanced overview, paid earning and balance on hold here.

The popular writers are able to earn a lot! There is never a dearth of projects on the site. There is a lot of scope for earning big bucks!

Does the site take any commission? It would be a small fee. Taxes are applicable too! A very small percentage of the amount gets cut. However, you do not have to worry because you get to keep most of it! The good news is that your payment is safe. There are no scams, and you can easily transfer the amount to your PayPal account.

The writers just need a secure and fast internet connection. The average amount you can earn by doing projects depends on how many tasks you take in a week!

Average Freelance Writing Rates per Word

How much can you make by writing? The prices depend on the project you are taking! There are clients, who would pay you a minimum $5 per page and there are some, who would pay you more!

You can set an hourly rate. How much time can you spend doing freelance work? You could set a price for an hour. Some set a fixed price, and some set an hourly rate.

Freelance Writing Rates Per Project

We can only say this that it is an excellent opportunity to grow as a writer. You do not have to visit an office or do a 9 to 5 job here. There are no fixed working hours. The customers place bids on the projects and award the project to the best candidate.

You should have a good profile in order to get awarded! Build your profile and start doing projects. Once you are able to get good ratings on the site, you would be able to grab more projects.

What is the rate per project? The starting rate is $5 per page, and it can go up as well! Do not think too much about the price and focus on joining the site. You would need to finish a quick grammar test. The candidate has to write a short essay as well. The team shall review your essay and then you would get approval to join the site.

How about applying now? It is easy! Just visit the website and sign up. Choose the subjects you are comfortable with and write a flawless essay. We are sure that you would be able to get through!

How to start earning money ?

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Pass The Test
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