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We have many things to offer to you as a specialist in academic writing.  This is the set of perks that one can hardly find in any other but the freelance writing jobs – here you’ll be your own boss!

freelance academic writing jobs online

Set your schedule

Working from home, you should not adapt to the working hours which were set by the administration. You will not have to bother writing explanatory notes in case you are late for the beginning of your working day. You will not face any obstacle if you need to devote one or two working days to anything else, but research paper, creative writing, academic essay or any other type of academic assignment. How many jobs in USA presuppose such independence? There won’t be any fine for absence from work when the sun is high, and you are supposed to be doing your job or trying to look like you are busy doing it.

It is very useful as we have different biological rhythms. Some of us are early birds catching the first worm; others can’t wake up before 11 a.m.  When the employer imposes on the workers the strictly determined schedule, it hampers the efficiency. This point is up to you when you are a freelance academic assignment writer. Try it once, and you will not agree to anything else. Having chosen freelance content academic writing jobs, you are free to set your rules, which makes the working process most comfortable and efficient.

 Determine your workload

Having chosen one of the freelance writing jobs, you will never face the burnout! The matter is that you determine the workload yourself and you will not make any difficulty to ask for the number of papers you can cope without sacrificing sleep, habitual lifestyle, social life, and plenty of small pleasures of life. This is of great use for people who are looking for additional source of income. offers plenty of writing jobs for students. It can become your perfect part-time job which will give you an opportunity to develop your skills, enrich your knowledge, and gain financial independence.

  • Our freelance writers choose their tasks themselves.

Having joined our team, you will be able to choose the academic assignments which represent some interest to you. Thus, you will boost your knowledge in the sphere and improve your professional skills without being bored to death. Freelance writing jobs can offer even more than that! You will be given an opportunity to select among the tasks of less impressive volume, like academic essay or book reviews and those of substantial volume, like research papers, thesis, and dissertations. Set your rules and follow them. Depending on how much time you can devote to the paper and what is the range of your interests, you will choose the task.

We value your time and efforts. According to our policy, our freelance academic assignment writers get from $18 per page which is a decent fee that can turn to $1800 for 100 pages. Not bad, wright? The percentage of the website’s commission is just a small amount which includes taxes – our freelance writers receive fair wage. Another detail related to payments is that you should not worry about the safety of transactions when working from home at The payment methods we use are the well-tested worldly used payment systems. writing job for students

Every day we receive hundreds of academic tasks for different levels (creative writing, reviews, academic essay, annotated bibliography, presentations, research, thesis, courseworks, etc.) and you will easily find some number of tasks to bid for. Determine the area representing some interest and kill two birds with one stone: while improving your skills and knowledge you will earn money. That’s why writing job for students is the best option when looking for additional income.

  • Our team members get payments without delays.

Websites offering freelance writing jobs are not rare, but the problem that scams among them occur very often. Your collaboration with one of them can lead to exhaustion due to the abundance of tasks which were supposed to be paid “at the end of the month”. What is the algorithm? They make you perform multiple tasks taking much time (presentations, research paper, courseworks, creative writing dissertations) but give nothing in return. In practice, such temporal delays in making payment turn to an endless chain of freelance writer’s questions about the date of the expected transaction. In the end, they block the freelance author. With you are safe – the collaboration with our reliable website is key to your success.

Join the experts who have chosen freelance academic content writing jobs to broaden your horizons!