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The first rule you need to keep in mind when making first steps in the freelance realm is related to the choice of reliable company for cooperation. Reliability in this concern means safety. When you collaborate with a safe website, you should not worry about the outcome: you know how much your freelance writing work costs and when you will get the payment. And you get it without any delays! They value your time and give your salary in time.

With such providers, you will not suffer from leakage of personal or banking details as they use only worldly known payment systems and the latest technologies staying on guard 24/7 to keep your data secure that is of core importance for beginners. These are reputable websites. They do not afford anything else but the decent payment to their writers for the well-done job.

An example of such websites is – we value professionalism and prompt help that our writers provide on a daily basis. Having chosen one of our writing jobs for students, you will get from $18 per page with very little commission percentage that is withdrawn by the website. It’s not bad, right?

How to get into freelance writing correctly?


freelance writing career

To make a good beginning (that is to say the most promising one), take some actions to illustrate your seriousness and readiness for the freelance writing career:

  • Write as often as you can. You can never master the craft if you have little practice – only testing yourself in different types of tasks and topics you can find your voice and niche.
  • Create your portfolio. To let your potential client find you, create a collection of polished samples including the assignments of different types. This is about how to break into freelance writing: start your blog and use content to draw attention to your talent.
  • Take care of web presence. To be treated seriously, create a website illustrating your portfolio, grow it every day paying attention to guest posts and social following.
  • Develop your network. The more people learn about your freelance writing work, the better – don’t hesitate to inform all the people you are acquainted with about your services.
  • Determine your rates. You should not work “for food” – value your time and skills (many freelancers set the lowest possible price which is a traditional approach to the evaluation of writing jobs for students).
  • Make a business. To become successful in any type of business one should do his best to be known for quality services. Be passionate about what you do, and you’ll be impressed with the result.

These steps will help you feel yourself a freelance writer and serve a decent beginning of a freelance writing career. If you have not taken those actions, but still want to reach your aim little by little, is welcoming you to our friendly team. Freelance writing work on our platform serves the best to get started.  Having joined us, you will announce about yourself in the world as a writer because we help students from all over the globe. For beginners, it’s the easiest approach.


Our essay jobs serve the best for students who have not yet gained their doctorates. If you have an education in any of the spheres mentioned below and are eager to know how to break into freelance writing, contact, the website which is friendly to the beginners. Stop hesitating to start making progress!

  • Natural sciences (Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Archeology, Geology, Ecology, Biology, etc.);
  • Human and social sciences (History, Sociology, Public relations, Aesthetics, Literature, Philosophy, Pedagogics, Law, Management, Psychology, Linguistics, Economics, Philology, Arts, Journalism, Political science, etc.);
  • Exact sciences (Calculus, Algebra, Geometry, Mathematical analysis, Accounting, Discrete math, Algorithms, Vector space, Trigonometry, etc.);
  • Technical sciences (Engineering, Avionics, Technologies, Electronics, Computer science, Architecture, Astronautics, Telecommunication, Informatics, Building, Transport, etc.).

To start your freelance writing career you need to start moving to your aim – collaboration with is a valuable step in this direction.