How to Get Started in Freelance Writing

Freelance looks like a perfect work with a free schedule, working from home, a favorite pastime and a high salary. In fact, it frequently turns out to be the other way around.

It’s a constant run for orders, irregular schedule, deadlines that overlap each other, no personal space and the inability to concentrate. You can avoid these problems if you learn how to make your work much more organized. There are some tips for those who want to become self-employed.

Get Started

Get Started in Freelance Writing


Once you decide to try your hand at creative writing, then you already know who a copywriter is and what he does. All started in different ways. You could be afraid to write articles at the beginning. Most people think that this is a difficult and tiresome occupation. What do we advise?

Establish Connections

The best tip for beginners. Visit conferences, explore themed communities on social networks, and get acquainted with the creators of potentially interesting projects for you. Learn to negotiate, read themed books. If you make useful acquaintances, you invest in the future orders and triumphant cooperation. Sites like are a perfect start for fresh copywriters, especially for students who are looking for a freelance job without the risk of being deceived.

Learn New Tools

Before you start freelance writing, download Skype, Dropbox, Google Drive, apps for making screenshots. All these applications make life of freelancers not so complicated. Get used to calling up with a client if there are any issues because it is much better to talk about everything verbally than in a long chat.

Store papers in one of cloud storages so all project coworkers can have access to them at any time. With the help of screenshots, it is convenient to share the work and discuss comments on the images. Surf the Internet to find out more information.

Draw Up a Contract

Making  a contract will be convenient for you. For example, enter the clause that emails have the force of a simple electronic signature and are equivalent to usual documents with personal signatures of the parties. Edit other items in clear language.

This will be easy for both sides to understand each other, while legally it will match the norms. If you have no idea how much to charge for freelance writing, ask your friends and colleagues or surf the net and choose the price equal to your skills.

Useful Freelancer Habits

  • Try Not to Work in Places Not Intended for This.For example, in bed or in the kitchen. Organize for yourself a real workplace. Make the height of the desktop comfortable for you, buy an ergonomic chair with a comfortable backrest and armrests, and choose a lamp of you most liked design.
  • Set the Limits of Your Working Day. For example, from 9 to 18 or from 12 to 21 – like an ordinary eight-hour day in the office. Tell your colleagues and clients that your workday is limited to these hours. This will save you from situations when customers ask you to fix something (mostly unimportant) at midnight.
  • Break the Day into Parts. For example, in the morning before noon – turnover, then work on a serious task, after lunch – work that requires a call with colleagues or a client.
  • Stick to the Regime. Let’s say you set your personal start at 10:00. It is very tempting to wake up at 9:50 and start working immediately. Do not succumb to this temptation, differently, there will be a feeling that you spend all your day watching the monitor.

Get up for at least an hour, have usual breakfast, do exercises – the brain should feel your normal working schedule. Essay jobs are not an urge, do not worry too much about being 10 minutes late.

  • Take Breaks at Work. Go to the store, have a walk around, walk the dog. Allow yourself to break away from business: nothing happens if you answer the letter not immediately but in an hour.
  • Get out of the House.  If you work during the day and rest in the same room in the evening, it’s easy to get loaded. Try not to work at home, but in a cafe, co-working center, park or library. If you like, start practicing work from a similar office once or twice a week – this will kill the routine.
  • Do Not Skip Lunch. Best if you have a café with business lunches near your home. But not everyone is lucky, – try to cook lunch quickly or prepare food for a few days in advance.
  • Dress Up. It may seem that clothing means nothing for a freelance writer, but pajamas clearly do not encourage the working mood. To wear a suit is not necessary, just put look not too sleepy to divide work and rest.

The best freelance options are writing jobs for students because it is very convenient to combine university and earning money. Although students are more aware of how to write an academic essay, you mustn’t be a genius to do research and write text on any topic.